Currently .012 Lives Lost per Nader Vote, and rising

In the 2000 presidential election, hundreds of thousands of American voters chose to use their vote to make an vacant ideological point.  By voting for Green Party candidate Ralph Nader, they hoped to rock the political establishment of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Well they did.

They elected George W. Bush. 

Thanks to the petulant hippies that voted Green, the arch-conservative Hawks now run the country.  The war-mad tyrant has plunged the world into a bloody conflict.  But Bush alone does not bear responsibility for the crimes of American Imperialism.

That blood also stains the hands of the Nader voters.

If not for the Nader vote, Al Gore would be president right now.  With Gore, no War.

No war,  no gore. 

This page will quantify the responsibility of individual Nader voters by calculating how many dead human beings each Nader vote is responsible for. 




If you can't place a value on a human life consider this:

63,000,000,000 US dollars for war/ 79,000 florida nader votes = 797,468 dollars per voter

people have learned the value of their vote.
Civilian casualties update
The Nader voter kill ratio was last updated on Monday, 25-Jun-2012 16:20:19 EDT