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1. First of all, what is a ninjabunny?

The original ninjabunny is a small, pastel-coloured rodent of the stuffed kind. He has been through fire and rain, to the brink of death and back, and even to the far corners of the globe. He belongs to one of my roommates, and was a favorite stress reliever for many a frustrated college student.

2. Why is this site called ninjabunny.org?

When Richard left Ninjabunny in our dorm room at the end of our junior year, i thought it would be funny to take pictures of him all throughout the summer and send prints anonymously to Richard. I also wanted an online repository for the digital photos.

3. If you are a .org, why do you have ads all over the place?

I am not running this site in an attempt to make money. I am using a free web-hosting service (virtualave.net) that requires I put ads at the top of each page, or subject my viewers to pop-up ads. (Which I hate.) So, those ads allow me to keep the site running for $35 a year. All the other ads (Uproar, Altavista...etc...) are sites that I use and truly enjoy. If someone decides to click on the ads, and in doing so I get a few dollars here and there, I hope it won't be seen as though I am trying to strike it rich. In all honesty, the day that I recover the cost of the domain registration will be the day I remove as many ads as I can. That is how little I earn from this site. It is run purely for my personal enjoyment.

UPDATE:  (1/25/01) All ads, save the requisite top banner ad, have been removed from all actively maintained pages. This means, if you come across a page with an ad on it, I do not consider that page to be a part of the site any more. I tried to delete the pages, but since they are in the search engines, I was getting emails telling me I had "broken links." To save the hassle of dealing with that, I put the pages back in place, but they will not be updated ever again.

4. What is the point of this website?

This website in it's current form is in its fourth major revision. (At least, that is how I count it. Originally, it was solely the home page for the original Ninjabunny. Then, I used the page to post files that I thought were cool. Then, I decided I wanted to post review of Linux applications here. Currently (finally), it is being used by the former rulers of Hammill House as their cyber-tribunal.

5. What's with all the other stuff you have posted?

It's all multimedia files and information I have gathered off the internet in the last few years. It's stuff I find humorous or interesting or both. I am, in general, not the originator of these files. If I am illegally posting anything, please contact me and it will be immediately removed. I think the authors or creators deserve full credit for their intellectual property, and I am in no way trying to represent anything on this site as my own, unless I specifically say otherwise. Content will vary with disk space and bandwidth availability. if you have anything that you think would fit with things I have posted, please let me know!

6. I get a Javascript error when I come to your site. You are a crummy programmer.

You must be using IE. Netscape puts the Javascript errors in the little status bar at the bottome of the browser. The error is actually due to the banner that my hosting company requires me to use. I don't use Javascript.