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Did your vote cause a war casuality?
Posted by
morris @ 10:02 pm CST on 3/24/03

It appears that the bunny is not altogether apolitical. Two of our own have put together The Nader Voter Kill Ratio: "This page will quantify the responsibility of individual Nader voters by calculating how many dead human beings each Nader vote is responsible for."

Check it out.

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Michael Moore is a goof
Posted by
morris @ 10:06 pm CST on 3/23/03

If you are a (post) collegiate neo-hippie Democrat, or your friends are, no doubt you know of Michael Moore. Tonight, the only part of the Acadmey Awards I watched was the Best Documentary category. "Bowling for Columbine" won, and Moore now has his Oscar. Moore actually cleaned himself up for the event, shaving a day in advance. He also wins the unofficial award for "Tackiest Stage Trick of the Night." He brought up all the other nominees in his category, which was a nice gesture, then proceeded to use them as pawns for his anti-war, anti-Bush political rhetoric. I can dig MM's philosophies, he's just not what one would call, um, refined. (These people, on the other hand, can't stand MM, but aren't very intelligent, either.)

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